The ground usually shakes a little when the people walk by, but this was something different. Something scary. The sound was low, but still very loud. Like a hungry belly ready to swallow up the world. The rumble opened the door to my cupboard just enough for me to see the plates and bowls crashing down from the cabinets above. Fruit from the counter on The Other Side rolled onto the floor. I wanted so badly to go after the grapes, but I was afraid. Sounds of things breaking surrounded my little space. In here, I was safe. Only the dish towels were in here with me. Suddenly everything outside went dark. I backed into the corner of my cupboard where I had some food bits hidden. Wailing sounds cried out in the distance. I’ve heard these sounds before. Those sounds took the old man away. He was nice to me. The wailing sounds never brought him back. The sounds faded away, leaving just the quiet of the house. I hope it stays that way.


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